How Health Doctors Advice Against Gambling Addiction Cure

Gambling Addiction – Basically playing all kinds of games online is safe as long as there are restrictions. The ideal limit for playing pkv games online is 1-2 hours. If you want to play games for more than 6 hours, you should stretch your muscles. The goal is that the body does not become stiff, and is accompanied by adequate sleep.

Remember to avoid playing online poker games at bedtime because it doesn’t give your brain a break. According to a statement from Dr. Rubiana Nurhayati, SpS, who is a neurologist from Pondok Indah Hospital, online games are positive for causing brain damage.

“Why is the game always said to damage the human brain because playing is not balanced with rest. The habits of gamers will not stop because they die. Moreover, playing in a crowd is more fun,” he told the detikcom team (24/9/2019).

This is what causes a lack of sleep. The human brain also needs rest to improve the body’s metabolism. In reality, online gamers and online gambling players are often addicted to the point of forgetting to eat.

Forcing the brain to work at night has the potential to cause brain performance to decline. As a result, the brain has difficulty storing memories, disturbed mood, and slows to think. There have also been cases of severe brain nerve damage due to gaming addiction.

Some of the spinal nerves are damaged and severed. Not to mention the neck that feels heavy or the spine becomes brittle. This condition is fatal because it causes paralysis, autism, brain cancer, and even death.

How to Avoid Poker Gambling Addiction

If you want to be free from gambling addiction to playing poker games, you can start from yourself. Here are ways you can do it.

How Health Doctors Advice Against Gambling Addiction Cure
pkv games online

1. Strengthening Intentions

First, there must be encouragement and self-motivation to be separated from the poker game. You have to be determined and determined. Try to make a priority scale in life, starting from daily, monthly to yearly. Remember there are many other rewarding activities besides online gambling.

2. Limiting Playtime

Make a long duration and choose the right playing time. For example, limiting the time to play online poker one hour per day. The duration can be spent immediately or divided per session. So you have to learn to be firm with yourself.

3. Doing Productive Activities

Divert your mind to productive activities, such as meeting friends, exercising, or going to the park. The goal is that the mind is not overshadowed by online poker. You can also do productive activities that make money.

4. Gifting Yourself

If the addiction to playing online poker has disappeared, then give appreciation to yourself. For example, going for recreation, going to the cinema, eating and drinking what you like, or taking a walk. You can do it with friends or alone.

After knowing the facts of pkv games online do you still want to play them. Love yourself before it’s too late and harm others. If you are gambling addiction, you can apply the four methods above. Hopefully the above review is useful. / Dy

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