What Is A High Volatility Slot Machine? 3 Useful Things Will Help You

Do you know what is a high volatility slot machine? Volatility refers to the level of risk involved in playing a particular casino game. 

When referring to slots, the word is meant to inform players of how frequently the slot will pay out and how large that payment will be.

Because the higher the volatility of a slot, the less frequently it will pay out, high volatility slots are regarded as riskier options for players, as they may find themselves investing big chunks of their balance in the hopes of hitting that one massive win.

High volatility slots are by far the most popular among seasoned online casino fans and thrill seekers due to their potential to distribute these types of prizes, whereas lower volatility slots are considered as the finest choice for beginners and casual slot players alike.

What Is A High Volatility Slot Machine Actually?

High volatility slots have a wide spread between the minimum and maximum win values. The bigger the prizes that are guaranteed, the more volatile the game will be. 

When you hear about a millionaire jackpot win on the news or witness a video of a slot paying out a large win worth thousands of times the initial bet, it is almost always from a high volatility slot.

However, high volatility slots are regarded as significantly riskier to play because you may have periods where you do not hit any significant winning combos. 

Despite this, most high volatility slots have a very high forecasted RTP (Return to Player), which indicates that while there may not be many wins in the short term, they will pay as promised in the long run – generally all single spin or bonus games.

As a result, if you are patient and have a large enough bankroll to keep spinning for extended periods without receiving significant rewards, you are bound to hit a free spins bonus feature or huge winning combination that will provide you with a massive win – often ranging from 1000x to 10000x your investment.

As a result, high volatility games should be played with a long-term payoff in mind, as a single victory or bonus game can often more than compensate for long periods with no major winnings.

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Should You Play High Volatility?

Most slot players consider high volatility slots to be by far the most entertaining of all slots. 

They are loaded with extra slot features like free spins with multipliers, stacked Wilds, and big jackpot games, and are guaranteed to deliver more than enough excitement when the slot explodes with coins following that game-changing BIG WIN.

High volatility slots pay out substantially more than any other type of slot, with some giving jackpots worth hundreds of times your initial stake. 

Progressive jackpots are incredibly high variance slots that offer you to win a life-changing jackpot, usually consisting of literally millions of euros, for those looking for even more excitement.

Less Risk with High Volatility

High volatility games are not for those who are afraid of taking risks, are impatient, or are weak of heart. 

After a long period of time where you only trigger modest wins or no wins at all, you may become disillusioned and see your balance dwindle. 

These games, on the other hand, will reward those who are willing to persevere, as the RTP ensures that you will ultimately hit a payout that will make it all worthwhile.

There is no substitute for high volatility games if you are a thrill-seeking Viking eager to take great risks and navigate the harsh, futile waters in your quest to discover truly amazing treasures.

Then, that is about what is a high volatility slot machine. You can try some games like agen judi online which have high variance to have less risk of winnings. 


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