7 Best Bonus Features in Miner Donkey Trouble Slot

In the Miner Donkey Trouble slot, you can make a place on your favorites list for your next favorite cascading slot. It may be set deep underground in a dark and filthy mining hole, but it’s full of amusing elements and characters, such as the hungry donkey. 

The more you feed the animal, the more gold he will find. In addition, it is a one-of-a-kind grid slot with a slew of additional slot features that contribute to the 10,000x your bet top prize.

Best Miner Donkey Trouble Slot Review

Miner Donkey Trouble is a 57 grid slot developed by Play’n GO who believed it would be a nice idea to add something additional to a slot with a typical mining adventure theme. 

As a result, they’ve included a few endearing characters as well as a slew of extras. When examined one at a time, these may appear absurd, yet when combined, they provide a superb video slot based on the clusters’ pay mechanisms.

The Bonus Features in Miner Donkey Trouble

You’ll have to keep an eye on the grid to figure out what’s going on, from wilds and random gigantic symbols to donkey destruction and free spins. It’s easier to understand how the slot works and what each feature accomplishes if you know how it works, so keep reading to find out more.

1. The Wilds

Diamond Wild is the game’s standard wild symbol, and it replaces all other symbols excluding scatters, golden nuggets, and pickaxes.

2. Scatters

The scatter symbol in the game is a clump of explosives. It does not pay, but it can add two wild symbols to your grid and activate the free spins bonus round. Before adding wilds in random spots, it will blast off any surrounding gem and rock symbols, making room for fresh symbols to fall down.

3. Pickaxe Wild

Whenever a pickaxe symbol lands, the miner will pick it up and keep it till the game is over. If there are no more victories, he will unleash 4-10 pickaxes, which will transform into dazzling diamond wilds once they reach the grid.

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4. Golden Nugget

This is another bonus feature that can appear during both the main game and the free spins round. 

When these golden nuggets reach the bottom row, they are collected and placed in the miner’s multiplier bag, which is hung on the right-hand side. Each golden nugget grants you one 1x multiplier, which resets between game rounds.

7. Random Mega Symbol

These gigantic symbols, which come in a 22, 33, or 44 format, can emerge at random on any spin and can be anything from super-sized wilds to rocks or gem symbols, as the name implies. It will first spin to determine the form, then break into smaller 11 symbols to assist you in completing a winning combination.

8. Donkey Destruction

If you feed the donkey, he will kick the grid with his rear legs, removing symbols and adding gold nuggets. You’ll be filling up the carrot meter on the left side of the grid with each winning cluster.

Collect 18 donkey symbols to remove all rock symbols, 40 to remove all rock and gem symbols, and 50 to remove all rock and gem symbols plus up to 5 nugget symbols.

9. Free Spins

Detonate three dynamite scatters on a single spin to receive 5 free spins, up to a maximum of 20 free spins. When the feature is activated, the base game multiplier is carried over to the free spins round and does not reset between spins.

In the last Miner Donkey Trouble slot, you don’t go deep into the mines simply for any ordinary jackpot. You put on your miner’s cap and join the donkey for the maximum win potential of the game, which is a very rewarding 10,000x your stake.

Today, Miner Donkey Trouble slot is one of most popular slot games that are available on most of casino sites. By searching using simple keyword such as agen judi slot Miner Donkey Trouble, Miner Donkey Trouble slot etc, you will find some online casinos provide this game easier.


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