3 Best Review Fruit Shop Slot: Cheap Slot and Decent Prizes

Fruit Shop Slot – How many fruit themed online slots would there be? Probably hundreds, and new ones are still being added. Yes, because the games are themed with cherries, lemons and plums remain immensely popular like the Fruit Shop slot.

The same goes for the Fruit Shop slot. This Netent slot machine has been around since 2011, but is in the top ten of most played slots at many online casinos. It is especially popular with players who like to spend a long time with their money.

In addition, it is a simple dominoqq slot machine, both in appearance and in gameplay. You see a market stall full of fruit symbols and popular symbols 10, J, Q, K and A. Moreover, there is an – ugly – joker.

Useful Review Fruit Shop Slot

1. The Game and The Feature

Fruit Shop has 15 paylines, all of which you have to play. The minimum bet per payline is 1 cent, the cheapest spin on Fruit Shop costs 15 cents.

Furthermore, despite the low bet, you can also bet more money, up to 150 dollars per spin – you can still grab sympathetic prizes. If you spin a prize consisting of fruit symbols, the free spins will start. You will then win a minimum of 1 free spin and a maximum of 5.

The great thing during these free spins is that you get a multiplier of x 2. All your prizes during the free spins therefore count double.

Even better, you can earn new free spins during your free spins, and not just with fruit combinations. It also prizes A, K, Q, J and 10 now grant new free spins. That can add up a lot. Sometimes you get a nice long series of free spins with one small bet.

2. The Fruit Shop’s 1000 Spins

We played 1000 spins on Fruit Shop with the minimum bet of $0.15 per spin. With that, we bet a total of $150.

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The start was not good. After 100 spins, just over $5 was gone. In addition, after 200 spins, the counter was almost 10 euros in the minus and after 300 spins. We had a loss of $ 17.35. So sad…

However, when fate began to turn, we quickly turned up free spins, which yielded relatively fat prizes. How about 15 free spins in a row and a total profit of $14.25? Mind you, with a bet of only 15 cents.

The result of the free spins can also be disappointing. For example, we also ran a series of 17 pieces in a row with a return of $4.20.

So don’t try it too early. We actually didn’t either, and that’s a good thing. Because in the end there was a minus of $12.90 on the counter.

3. The Result of the Fruit Shop

As always, after we played that game, we got some result of the Fruit Shop

  • After 1000 spins at $0.15, the result is a $12.90 loss.
  • The following are the five largest wins: $14.25/$8.10 / $4.50 / $4.20 / $3.90
  • The number of free spins is 77x.
  • The most successive free spins in a row: 17x
  • Runners-up: 15x, 14x, and 12x.
  • According to Netent, the payout percentage (RTP) is 96.7 percent.

In conclusion, we think that the Fruit Shop slot is a fun and relatively cheap slot machine that still gives you a chance to win decent prizes. If you spin a prize with fruit in the regular game, you actually win double. You will win a cash prize and you will spin for free with the multiplier of x2.

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