Soccer Lessons With Experienced Trainers

Soccer Lessons – Over the past year, I have seen quite a few people who have taken their love for soccer and turned into a passion to get better at it.

They have invested in video, consult with coaches and practice just as much as any athlete would; only they have taken it to another level, by training for their specific position.

Now, I can’t speak for anyone else, but it has just dawned on me how much I have missed soccer all these years.

When I was young, my dad could play soccer just as well as any pro. We played on a team together and he still won more awards that I can remember. Even still, we often played against kids who were better than us, some of whom were a lot older than we were.

Soccer Lessons Expected to be a Professional Player

We were expected to be a professional player and sometimes that was even expected of us. Of course when we reached our 20s, everything he told us didn’t ring any bells. We all thought soccer was just plain simple fun.

We didn’t have our own soccer fields though, because our parents didn’t support us financially, so we played in the park. Eventually, we moved to a school that had its own soccer field. Playing on our own field had an endless amount of benefits to the players.

Learn to Play Together and Get Used to the Ball

It was a matter of us learning to play together and get used to the ball and angles in order to defeat our opponent. That could last only a few minutes once a week, but it was enough for us.

The injuries would start whenever that ball was whipped on us. It sometimes hurt to run, some bruises would occur from time to time and there would be times when I thought my career was over.

Thankfully, we had soccer coaches who always made sure that we were on top of our games. Each day they ensured us that our soccer coaches were as experienced as they were, if not more so. One of the coaches we had was Mr. retirees.

He would come to our field three times a week, some days he would have other coaches with him. He would tell them of how he moved around the region to become a soccer coach and that he taught people with disabilities how to play.

Experienced Coach Makes a Professional Player

We all knew that Soccer was a very good game and it was full of nothing but truth and expertise. One coach in particular, a very experienced player, would take the time to teach his players individually as well as helping them in the field.

He would go over our films together and tell us what we were doing right and what we were doing wrong. He would critique our play and correcting us individually.

Soccer coaches have a lot of important lessons to teach imparting us the basics of the sport. Their knowledge is not limited to just soccer; they are also knowledgeable of other sports and how to play them.

As a mature player, dad took the time to enter into and maintain a soccer website filled with diverse information on all aspects of the game. I took advantage and added some of the lessons he listed and would help the players with their game even when I wasn’t there.

I feel soccer lessons were gained during those soccer games and since then, I have never changed my ways. I have gone to tournaments and played in competitions and met new coaches and grown together as a player and a coach. Like I said, I have been a soccer player and a coach now for over twenty years.

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